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Immortalis is a group of friends that formed staining walls all over Age of Conan as the guild Inner Circle starting on the Ironspine server and ending on Set. Now in Rift we stand strong in the world of Telara as a Defiant force on the Shatterbone server. Look for us there, as we welcome friends, old and new, to our ranks.

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Hello, Hammerknell

by -=Crow=-, 2083 days ago

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Murdantix down, again - we remembered to get a screeny this time!

1/11 Hammerknell

Some older kills:
Sorry for the poor screenshots. It wasn't on my mind at the time to use them for updates or anything but figured I'd put em up here anyway.

Lord Greenscale, no clue how long ago
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Alsbeth, aka the Bitch Herself
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Rift's New CGI Trailer

by Immortal Devil, 2340 days ago

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